Consultant at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

With his paper round in tatters, and having failed dismally at selling fire extinguishers door to door, Ric Caesar hoped for success as a windsurfing instructor. Living too far from the sea he took to bartending. A short and smelly stint as a hospital cleaner convinced him to work harder and so he was delighted to study Medicine in Cambridge. Still allergic to the sight and smell of hospital wards and now aware of the option of wearing pyjamas in daytime he saw no sensible career choice other than surgery. Deeply in need of nocturnal sleep and rather pleased to operate sitting down led to the happy discovery of Ophthalmology and Oculoplastics. Although at his happiest skiing, surfing, or kitesurfing, oculoplastic surgery has remained a pleasure and Ric has never looked back. He does however still fantasise about being a film director but until he raises the necessary funds will content himself making videos of oculoplastic surgery to share on