Membership Overview

BOPSS has four types of membership:

  • Full members:
    United Kingdom and Irish specialist ophthalmologists with a significant oculoplastic sub-specialty interest
  • Associate members:
    Oculoplastic specialists from other countries or non-oculoplastic specialists involved in oculoplastic surgery.
    i.e. someone who is an accredited oculoplastic surgeon but who is working abroad or who trained abroad and is working in the UK but not yet obtained Certificate of Eligibility of Specialist Registration (CEST)
  • Trainee members: Trainee ophthalmologists with a demonstrable commitment to oculoplastic surgery. This type of membership will expire following substantive appointment, as Specialist Ophthalmologists are not eligible.
  • Honorary members:
    Honour bestowed on either a retired BOPSS member of long standing (minimum 10 years) or an allied professional who has provided significant support to the Society, or made a significant contribution to the sub-specialty.
    Benefits: no membership fee and no voting rights.
    Potential candidates will be proposed by Executive Committee, circulated to members and presented for ratification at the AGM.
    Honorary members pay for attending annual meetings.
  • Retired members:
    Former full members of the Society who have retired from all active practice.
    Benefits: no voting rights and a reduced membership fee of £50.
    Retired members pay for attending the meeting.

Sponsorship is required for membership. This should be from two existing Members of BOPSS. In the absence of a sponsor, the applicant may be admitted after being contacted by two members nominated by the Executive Committee who shall determine the applicants bone fide status.


The annual subscription for members is £150, payable by credit card, covering July to June, renewed each year on 1st July. It does not matter when your subscription payment is initially paid and setup, as it will be automatically renewed each year during July. (eg if you setup your first subscription payment in Feb 2013, that payment will cover the period from July 2012 to June 2013, and the next payment will be made in July 2013 to cover the period up to the end of June 2014).

Associate Members and Trainee Members pay a discounted subscription of £50 (or £90 with online Orbit journal access).

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Benefits of membership

  • Membership of a prestigious society
  • Orbit Journal full on-line access (extra fee for Associate members)
  • Discounted registration for annual scientific meeting
  • Awards: Eligibility for annual Publication and Collin Scholarship awards
  • Downloadable patient information leaflets and surgical complications lists for consent forms
  • Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting and for committee member elections (Full members only)
  • Eligibility for election to the Committee
  • Website publicity: Inclusion of your name, hospital and sub-speciality
  • Access to Case discussion forum

Policy for lapsed members to be reinstated

0-4 years absence; Annual subscription and a one-off payment to rejoin of 1 year’s subscription at the current rate.

5-10 years absence; Annual subscription and one-off payment of 2 years’ subscription. In addition the member needs to resubmit their CV for the Membership Advisory Committee’s approval.

You can pay these fees from this page. You can login if you have your account details, or you can create a new account.

Please email your CV to