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Title Naturally Looking Dynamic Skin Crease in Incisional Asian Blepharoplasty
Submitted by CHUNG NEN CHUA
Abstract Number 114
Review Result rapid fire presentation

Asian blepharoplasty is the most commonly performed eyelid surgery in the Far East. However, in order to have a naturally appearing skin crease, the skin crease should have minimal scarring or depression


We describe a method of incisional Asian blepharoplasty in which the levator aponeurosis is attached only to the orbicularis instead of the overlying skin. The wound is then closed by suturing the cut edges of the skin.


20 patients undergoing Asian blepharoplasty were enrolled for the techniques. The results showed naturally looking dynamic skin crease without depression or scarring.


Aesthetically pleasant dynamic skin creases can be created by apposing the cut edges of the eyelid skin after suturing the levator only to the orbicularis instead of the skin.

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Ngo CT Kuala Lumpur Optimax Sunway Eye
Ting SL Kuching UNIMAS Ophthalmology