ePoster Upload Instructions

In keeping with our paperless meeting, all posters will be electronic. The posters will be presented in an electronic format on widescreen (16:9) HD screens. There is no charge for uploading eposters this year.

The upload facility for eposters is now closed. Please note that there is no option to amend or update eposters

We are enforcing rigorous quality control at this meeting; please refer below for the technical specifications for your e-poster

If you wish to view previous year’s posters you can view them here. You’ll need to have a ticket from this year or previous 4 years meetings to be able to access this page (and you’ll need to be logged in).

Please ensure you have patients’ consent if you are including any specific patient photo or textual information.

Only acceptable format

Your e-poster submission should be a one slide PowerPoint file created using a widescreen format template. The orientation is landscape. Please upload both the PowerPoint slide AND a pdf copy of your e-poster submission.

Saving your file

Save both the PowerPoint file AND the pdf document with the same file name using the following format only – the e-Poster number you have been allocated followed by your surname – e.g. 301smith


We require your submission by noon on Friday 1st June 2018

Slide Master Format

Create your e-poster on a slide using Microsoft PowerPoint created with the widescreen template. This is the default setting for Microsoft Office 2013 or later versions. This is NOT the default setting for earlier versions therefore you will have to change your slide master BEFORE creating your PowerPoint slide.


Text should be minimum Arial or Times New Roman 10 point size for optimal viewing. Headings and titles should be between point sizes 12-16

BOPSS logo

You can download various formats of the BOPSS logo for your eposter from this page. The recommended image would be this one.



Should be scanned at the highest possible resolution for optimal viewing


Can be included – MAXIMUM time of 90 secs. The video MUST be embedded in the slide and be set to run on a loop (there is no user control available)

Multimedia and Animation

Can be included (eg animation on a chart or graph, scrolling text) which runs automatically on a loop – (there is no user control available)

Internet / online content

Internet or html links cannot be included


Can be included but please make sure you make us aware that you require audio, and set any audio to run automatically on a loop MAXIMUM time of 90 secs – (there is no user control available)


If you have any queries regarding the uploading of your files please contact

General poster design tips can be found here