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BOPSS has been working closely with TEAMeD to implement TEAMeD-5. The aim is to increase awareness among clinicians and patients of the importance of prevention, diagnosis and prompt referral of patients with Thyroid Eye Disease.

A directory has been created to give information about thyroid eye services in different regions of the UK. This information is intended to assist healthcare professionals making referrals for their patients with this condition. BOPSS does not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy of this information

TEAMeD-5 initiative allocates a Lead Endocrinologist in each region to take ownership. To assist our endocrinology colleagues BOPSS have agreed to a voluntary registration of thyroid eye services to compile a directory sorted by your LETB to facilitate appropriate and timely referrals in your local geographical area.

In the longer term we aim to establish jointly an audit programme across both eye and endocrine services.

To put your unit in the directory, please complete the questionnaire here.

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