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Clinician/researcher to join our team in Auckland for a PhD programme based around thyroid eye disease research.

Role: We are inviting expressions of interest for a Thyroid Eye Disease MD/PhD project based at the Eye clinic, Auckland District Health Board and Dept. of Ophthalmology, University of Auckland, New Zealand National Eye Centre. An ideal candidate would have at least two years of medical and/or ophthalmology research experience and evidence of basic research aptitude e.g. scientific publication(s) in the international peer-reviewed literature.

Research team: Dr Stuti Misra, Dr Richard Hart, A.Prof. Geoff Braatvedt, Prof. Simon Mitchell, & Prof. Charles McGhee

Project summary: Thyroid eye disease (TED) is a complication of thyroid dysfunction which may result in ocular discomfort or can progress to severe vision loss. The standard treatment includes among others, intravenous or local corticosteroids and in severe cases, surgery and radiotherapy. Limited prospective literature exists on the effects of these therapies on corneal structure and function. Importantly, a potential and novel non-surgical treatment will be investigated with its mechanism and mode of action as yet unexplored.

The project aims to: assess the ocular surface changes and orbitopathy, understand the mechanism and effects of this therapy on the ocular surface and the course of the orbitopathy in TED. The project is already partially funded and we anticipate being able to acquire further funding for the appropriate candidate.

Contact in first instance: Interested candidates should e-mail Dr Richard Hart <> for further details.


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