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National Oculoplastic Nursing Course


The Sussex Eye Hospital is running its inaugural National Oculoplastic Nursing Course on Saturday, the 29th of June, at the Audrey Emerton Building in Brighton (opposite the Royal Sussex County Hospital). This one-day course, 9:00-17:00. will comprehensively cover the scope of oculoplastic nursing and the many associated competencies, as well as provide an opportunity for hands-on practice of procedures such as chalazion I&C, biopsies, lacrimal syringing, and Botox administration…


  • Local anesthetics
  • Consenting patients
  • Competencies and regulation
  • Theatre management and team leadership
  • The scope of oculoplastic nursing – wound and post-op clinic/ notes review/ melanoma surveillance/ audit/ research/ private practice.

Practical Stations:

  • Suture removal and wound dressing
  • Chalazion: Incision & curettage and steroid injections
  • Minor surgery: Shave excision, punch, and excision biopsies
  • Lacrimal syringing
  • Botox injections

Please share this with your oculoplastic nursing colleagues. Tickets are limited. £120 pp.

Website: www.oculoplasticnursingcourse.com