Problems with recurring payments at WorldPay

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We’ve noticed that members are having problems when updating credit card details at WorldPay. This is due to a problem with the WorldPay service and is out of our control. The 2 current problems are:

  1. When users are updating their credit card details they are seeing a message saying “FAILURE: Payment details change unsuccessful. We have been unable to verify the new payment details”
  2. Updated card details ARE getting saved, despite this message
  3. When payments are re-tried, to take 2019 subs, the payments are failing and members are getting an email saying that the payment has failed. This is due to an error at WorldPay

We are waiting for WorldPay to fix the problem. If they do not fix it by next week we will add an additional credit card payment option, alongside the Direct Debit options (preferred) via GoCardless.

We thank all members for their patience on this issue.

BOPSS crew

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