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Thyroid Eye Services – Directory

This directory gives information about thyroid eye services in different regions of the UK. This information is intended to assist healthcare professionals making referrals for their patients with this condition. BOPSS does not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy of this information (disclaimer can be viewed here)

The findings of the BOPSS ‘state of TED care’ survey and recommendations on delivering a sustainable TED service nationally have been published:

Full PDF version here

Online links here

Link to TEAMeD – 5 : improving outcomes in Thyroid Eye Disease

Stoke Mandeville Hospital
South West
1. Are these conditions managed within this unit or do they refer to another unit?
1a. Specialist MDT assessment for TED patients
In own unit
1b. High dose intravenous steroids
In own unit
1c. Second line immunosuppression drugs
Refer to another unit
1d. Decompression surgery for TED patients
Refer to another unit
1e. Lid/oculoplastic surgery for TED patients
In own unit
1f. Strabismus surgery for TED patients
In own unit
1g. Orbital radiotherapy
Refer to another unit
1h. Is written information given to patients?
Yes BTF, TEDct, Trust leaflet
2. Location of the endocrine service.
On Site
3a. Do TED patients see the endocrinologist and ophthalmologist at the same appointment?
4a. Services offered within your trust
Smoking cessation
4b. Services that would be referred out of the trust
Immunosuppression specialist, Thyroidectomy
Referral contact:
Fiona Jazayeri
Date of completion
Date last updated
11th January, 2020