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Information on cosmetic eyelid and facial plastic surgery

Most of us care how we look and how we feel. We use proper nutrition and exercise to enhance our health, appearance and well being.

Cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments offer additional ways to ease the damaging effects of stress and the environment on our skin and face. Tell tale signs of damage include sun damage to the skin, smile and worry lines, crow’s feet and eyelid changes.

Over time, the upper and/or lower eyelids and/or eyebrows may become droopy, hooded, puffy or baggy, giving a tired appearance which distracts from the overall attractiveness of the face. The eyelid tissues stretch, the muscles thin and fat pockets bulge, becoming more noticeable. The cheek tissue descends a little and the chin line becomes “jowly”. Eyebrows become drooping, the forehead furrows and deep tear troughs appear below our eyes.

These changes may be cosmetically unattractive and when severe, may also affect eye function. This includes discomfort from the weight of excess eyelid skin on the lashes, impaired visual field from overhang of upper eyelid skin, (or) difficulty wearing glasses because of lower eyelid bulges and tearing problems.

Both men and women are increasingly requesting cosmetic (aesthetic) surgery on the eyelids or face. They need to be fully informed about the surgical options for their eyelids and surrounding areas.

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