The use of corneal shields in oculoplastic surgery

Corneal Shield Survey Questions
Example of questions below, the actual survey can be found at

  1. Do you use corneal shields when performing oculoplastic surgery?

Yes      ☐

No       ☐


  1. If you use corneal shields how often do you use them when performing oculoplastic surgery?

Less than 5% of cases          ☐

25% to 50% of cases            ☐

50% to 75% of cases            ☐

75% to 100% of cases         ☐


  1. If you use corneal shields which type of oculoplastic surgery do you use shields for (tick all that apply)?

Surgery involving eyelid margin only         ☐

All eyelid surgery                                          ☐

Lacrimal surgery                                           ☐

Orbital surgery                                              ☐



  1. Do you think that corneal shields

Improve intraoperative patient safety       Yes      ☐    No       ☐

Improve intraoperative patient comfort    Yes      ☐    No       ☐


  1. Any comments on the use of corneal shields when performing oculoplastic surgery;