Survey on Anticoagulant/ Anti-platelet therapy management in oculoplastic procedures

Dear Colleagues

Please find this QUICK survey about clinicians’ (your) attitude to the risk of patients continuing their anticoagulants or antiplatelet drugs at the time of adnexal surgery versus the risk of thromboembolic events if they stop them.

There appears to be little consensus and my practice has certainly changed over time.  When I obtain consent for surgery, I routinely mention haemorrhage and loss of vision but I don’t ‘consent’ for stroke and death which may be the result of stopping anticoagulants – or may be a purely coincident event that might then be attributed to stopping the anticoagulants….

Thank you in advance.  This survey has been put together by Evangelos Lokovitis with much appreciated input from Prof G Rose and Miss D Rathore.  I am posting as a BOPSS member


Tristan McMullan