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National survey of informed consent for ophthalmic subspecialty surgery

Informed consent is an increasingly scrutinised part of medical practice and forms the basis for many medicolegal complaints. Much work has been done over the last couple of years to refine and streamline the cataract surgery pathway, including optimising the process of obtaining informed consent. However, there is generally more variation in the process of consenting for subspecialty procedures.

The increased use of teleophthalmology and virtual clinics has also resulted in a change to many clinical pathways, including the consent process.

This survey aims to establish the current approach to consent across the UK for subspecialty procedures (excluding cataract surgery), and whether there is any consensus. We also aim to identify where there is room for improved guidance for ophthalmologists. We appreciate you taking the time to help provide more information on this area.

This survey is open to all UK consultant ophthalmologists who perform subspecialty surgery.