Eyelid Melanoma Special Interest Group (SIG)

Dear BOPSS member,

We would like to invite you join an Eyelid Melanoma Special Interest Group (SIG) with the aim of establishing the incidence of eyelid melanoma in the UK through BOSU (British Ophthalmological Surveillance Unit). Further research questions will include:


  1. Determining patient demographics including ethnicity, age, gender, laterality, risk factors, histological subtype, postcode and source of referral
  2. Clinical presentation of eyelid melanoma and any genomic analysis including BRAF status in relation to the histological subtype
  3. Identifying the excision margin used in the removal of eyelid melanoma and re-excision rate
  4. Identifying current mode of treatment for nodal positive eyelid melanoma such as the use of biologics and targeted therapy
  5. Establish the visual outcome and disease progression at 6 and 12 months


Please do let us know if there are any other key questions that you feel need to be included. We will send round the questionnaire for comments in due course. The eyelid melanoma SIG will consist of both Histopathologists, spearheaded by Dr Rachel Liebmann (Vice President of the RCPath) and autonomous Oculoplastic Surgeons. It will require vigilance to report cases via an email reporting system and collecting some extra pieces of data. However, we would be very happy to help with the data collection if the index case can be reported to us.

We hope this will be a successful project that may help to provide evidence to creating national guidelines in addition to peer-reviewed publications through the SIG. Please let us know if you have any questions and whether you would be interested in joining this specialist interest group.

Best wishes,


John,  Andre and Raman