The Neuro-Orbital Masterclass series – 2019

This course is not officially sanctioned by BOPSS; the opinions voiced may not reflect the collective thoughts of Society

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Bringing experts together for the management of skull base, neurological and orbital disease

The Cavalry and Guards Club

The management of diseases which involve the orbit and skull base is challenging, and requires effective collaboration across a range of specialties. The decision to observe, operate or irradiate is complex, and best practice may be uncertain, varying from one patient to another.

The St John Ophthalmic Association (SOA) invites you to The Neuro-Orbital Masterclass Series – 2019, aimed at clinicians who manage such patients. The Faculty from Manchester and London brings together experts from related disciplines, explores the most modern treatments, and provides a forum for discussion and debate. The Symposium is hosted by Mr Simon Pollock in the Cavalry and Guards Club, Piccadilly, which offers a unique and elegant setting for the meeting. Registration includes refreshments on arrival and during the day, and formal lunch in the Club’s private dining room. For those wishing to join their partners for lunch, a ‘lunch-only’ ticket is available.

The proceeds from this and all SOA meetings go directly to support St John’s sight-saving work in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. We train nurses and doctors in a challenging environment, and your support is greatly appreciated.

The scientific proceedings from this meeting will be summarised in a special edition of the Journal Orbit.

Priscilla Mathewson & Anouk Borg
St John Ophthalmic Association Academic Co-ordinators

David Verity, Neil Kitchen & Saj Ataullah
Chairs, the St John Masterclass Series

Kailun Jiang
Guest Editor

Suzanne Freitag
Editor, Orbit

Event Details

Start date: 23rd November 2019
End date: 23rd November 2019
Start time: 08:30
End time: 18:00

127 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London W1J 7PX

City: London
Country: United Kingdom

Further information

Mr David H Verity

Costs: Full registration: £225. Trainees: £150. Lunch only: £55.


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