Sharing and Caring: Thyroid eye disease, medical retina, ocular oncology and complex orbital problems – The benefits of multi-disciplinary management

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A showcase of current best practice multidisciplinary management of thyroid eye disease, ocular and orbital malignancies orbitofacial trauma and diabetic retinopathy


To review ocular problems that require multidisciplinary intervention and collaboration


To understand current best practice ophthalmic management of thyroid eye disease  and medical retinal disease with endocrinologists and ocular and orbital malignancies with radiotherapists/ oncologists and the role of the maxilla-facial, ENT and neurosurgeon in the management of complex orbital disease and trauma.

This meeting will provide a multidisciplinary perspective, which will improve clinical governance, professional development and empowerment of patients and optimise resources in different ophthalmic clinical settings.

Delegates will learn how a MDT approach can help to:

  • Utilise evidence-based medicine to develop  clinical guidelines  and standards for care and provide a baseline for future initiatives
  • Improve  communication, documentation teamwork  to improve clinical outcomes and reduce risk
  • Support continuity and co-ordination of care across different clinical disciplines and sectors
  • Optimise resources and support training


It is generally accepted that a multidisciplinary team approach to management of complex pathology promotes well-defined standards, facilitates clinical effectiveness, improves communication and continuity and helps reduce variations in patient care. This can lead to the synergistic empowerment and education for both patients and the clinical teams involved.

This session is a platform to showcase the multidisciplinary team experiences of four different ophthalmic teams and their diverse medical and surgical colleagues in their journey to achieve optimal care for their patients with complex orbital pathology, thyroid eye disease, ocular oncology and diabetic retinopathy.

Event Details

Start date: 10th May 2018
End date: 10th May 2018
Start time: 17:30
End time: 20:00

The Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 0AE

City: London
Country: United Kingdom

Further information
0207 290 3945
Lucy Courtney-Bennett

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