Report and statement writing skills – achieving clinical excellence

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Learn how to prepare an accurate statement or report that complies with local guidelines and follows a code of conduct from the relevant regulatory bodies and legal principles.


The ability to prepare a statement or report that complies with professional best practice legal principles and is fit for purpose is a required skill of all healthcare professionals. Report writing can be used both internally and externally and the poor preparation can seriously distort the true facts of an incident, leading to further complications especially in legal matters.  This course is designed to ensure that this vital skill is delivered and performed to the highest quality.

learning objectives

Delivered by former healthcare professionals who have retrained in the legal profession, this course will ensure delegates learn how to:
  • Recognise points that need to be reported
  • Comply with local guidelines
  • Ensure areas for improvement are actioned affectively
  • Present reports coherently
  • Review patient record information
  • Differentiate between fact and fiction

Event Details

Start date: 21st September 2017
End date: 21st September 2017
Start time: 09:00
End time: 16:30
City: London
Country: United Kingdom

Further information
0207 290 3867

Costs: £129-£299