Oculo-Facial Plastics Cadaveric Dissection Course – Moorfield’s @ St George’s Hospital, London

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HANDS ON CADAVERIC DISSECTION and VIDEO based course covering all major aspects of Oculo-Facial Plastic Surgery

HANDS ON CADAVERIC DISSECTION and VIDEO based course aimed at senior trainees, fellows and junior consultants in Ophthalmology, Maxillofacial, ENT and Plastic surgery. Supervised by very experienced surgical faculty.

MORNING SESSION (ALL): Lower lid blepharoplasty, Midface lift, Endoscopic brow lift principles

AFTERNOON SESSION (DIVIDED): Upper blepharoplasty, Facelift, Orbital decompression for thyroid eye disease

Event Details

Start date: 20th January 2018
End date: 20th January 2018
Start time: 09:00
End time: 17:00

Moorfield's @ St George's Hospital, London

City: London
Country: United Kingdom

Further information

Mr Jahrad Haq: jahradhaq@hotmail.com

Costs: £500 (Trainees) £600 (Consultants) includes lunch + One side dissection of cadaveric head per delegate