Fourth Multidisciplinary Masters’ Symposium on Blepharoplasty & Facial Rejuvenation

This course is not officially sanctioned by BOPSS; the opinions voiced may not reflect the collective thoughts of Society

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After the success of our Blepharoplasty and Rhinoplasty meetings, we are proud to announce another outstanding Blepharoplasty conference. From around the world, the best of Blepharoplasty and facial rejuvenation experts will come together to compare notes on the latest techniques and challenges so we can maintain professional currency, and evolve the art of facial aesthetic surgery as a whole.

Event Details

Start date: 21st January 2021
End date: 23rd January 2021
Start time: 09:00
End time: 17:00
Address: Arts Centre, Melbourne, Australia
City: Melbourne
Country: Australia

Further information
Contact: Isabel Perez AAFPS Secretariat


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