Expert witness skills masterclass: how to avoid the pitfalls

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This two day course, delivered by top barrister Dr Anton van Dellen, will allow delegates to gain a clearer understanding of the role of expert witnesses, the Civil Procedure Rules and Practice Directions pertaining to expert witnesses; issues of liability in the contact of case-law imposing liability on expert witnesses; and the selection and role of a single joint expert.

The second day will concentrate on court room procedure, how to prepare for court and common pitfalls when giving evidence in scenarios designed to prepare expert witnesses for the realities of court-room cross-examination.



Dr Anton van Dellen originally qualified as a Medical Doctor and worked as a Registrar in Neurosurgery, before retraining in law at Trinity College, Cambridge. He now works as a Barrister at Goldsmith Chambers in London, where he frequently appears before the High Court and Court of Appeal, and also represents registrants subject to GMC and NMC proceeding



  • Understanding civil procedure rules governing expert witnesses
  • Understanding the case-law governing expert witness liability for negligence
  • Understanding data protection and confidentiality as related to expert witnesses
  • How to structure an expert report
  • How the contents of the report should assist the court
  • Understanding court room procedure
  • How to prepare for a court room appearance
  • How to spot and cope with common cross-examination pitfalls


Event Details

Start date: 26th October 2017
End date: 27th October 2017
Start time: 09:00
End time: 17:00
City: London
Country: United Kingdom

Further information
0207 290 2867

Costs: £449-£549