Coventry Ophthalmic Surgery Cadaver Course

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Basic, intermediate & advanced Oculoplastic Surgery with basic squint surgery

Coventry Ophthalmic Surgery Cadaver Course

   3rd, 4th and 5th December 2019, 8.30 am to 6.00 pm                                            

West Midlands Surgical Training Centre,

University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, Coventry CV22DX

       Course Organisers:  Purnima Mehta, Harpreet Ahluwalia

An exciting opportunity to learn & practise the following procedures using Fresh Frozen Cadaver in our purpose built dissection facility.  The course will have minimal didactic lectures, a high trainer: trainee ratio and ample opportunity to practise each of the surgical procedures. This course has been heavily subsidised due to support from the pharmaceutical companies.

Day 1: Basic Oculoplastic and Squint module

Session 1: Lateral Canthotomy + Cantholysis, Lateral Tarsal Strip, Everting sutures, Wedge excision

Session 2: Horizontal muscle and Vertical muscle Squint surgery, Suturing and Lid Local Anaesthetic techniques

          Day 2: Intermediate Oculoplastic module
Session 1: Ptosis surgery, Blepharoplasty, Lower Lid and Canalicular laceration repair

Session 2: Enucleation and Evisceration

Day 3: Advance Oculoplastic module

Session 1: External Dacryocystorhinostomy and Reconstruction of Eyelids

Session 2: Exenteration

Course Fees:

Early bird Registration (until 4th November): £285/ 1 day,   £ 500/2 days,  £725/3 days

Late Registration (after 4th November):        £325/ 1 day,   £ 575/2 days,  £800/3 days

The course has been applied for 7 CPD points per day. Accommodation details will be available on the website. Please sign up as soon as possible, due to limited availability of places for dissection. To book please go to the following link


Event Details

Start date: 3rd December 2019
End date: 5th December 2019
Start time: 08:30
End time: 18:00
Address: University Hospital, Clifford Bridge Road
City: Coventry
Country: United Kingdom

Further information
Contact: Professor Harpreet Ahluwalia Tel:02476966506
Costs: 285 to 725


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