Anatomical basis of Prevention & management of dermal filler Complications & Hyalase wetlab

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Dermal Fillers Complications Prevention & management

Objectives of course:

To educate in a scientific and anatomical manner regards filler placement in the different facial areas to improve safety and efficacy of practitioner outcomes. To educate on management of filler complications by dissolution with hyaluronidase.

  1. Delegates will be taken through an extensive insight into the essential anatomy of the different facial areas for safe practice in aesthetic medicine.
  2. Delegates will get a comprehensive understanding of various anatomical layers and structures within fresh frozen cadaver facial tissue and how facial injections influence volume loss and aging.
  3. Delegates will get an insight into reading the surface anatomy and real-time application of facial injectables with an emphasis on patient safety and avoidance of structures in critical danger zones of the upper, mid and lower face.
  4. Delegates will practice under expert supervision in employing (advanced) injectable techniques in human cadavers, with interactive discussion on the choice and combination of dermal fillers for each region.
  5. Delegates will practice under experts supervision in dissolving HA fillers with interactive discussion on the dilution of hyaluronidase for overfill vs vascular compromise.
  6. Delegates will practice under expert supervision supraorbital & retrobular hyaluronidase injection to manage blindness from vascular compromise.

Who is this course ideal for: All BOPSS members who are performing dermal filler injections

Event Details

Start date: 7th July 2018
End date: 7th July 2018
Start time: 09:00
End time: 05:00

Kings College Dissecting Room, Guys Campus, London

City: London
Country: United Kingdom

Further information

Dr. Sabrina Shah-Desai 02071835121

Costs: £995+VAT


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