39th ESOPRS Meeting 2021 postponed due to COVID

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ESOPRS Annual Meeting 2021 postponed due to COVID

On behalf of ESOPRS’ Executive Officers Francesco Quaranta-Leoni, David Verity and local organizers Diego Strianese and Adriana Iuliano, I would like to inform you that we have decided to postpone the anticipated Annual Meeting in September 2021 to 2023 due to the COVID pandemic.

We feel that Naples is a splendid venue, which deserves a physical Annual Meeting with many attendees in 2023. At this point in time we are considering our options to organize a 100% virtual Meeting in the fall of this year.

The new venue-scheme of Annual Meetings is as follows:

2022: Nice
2023: Naples
2024: Rotterdam
2025: Prague
2026: Cascais
2027: St Petersburg

We sincerely hope you and your family members are all doing well and will remain healthy.
We will keep in touch!

Yours sincerely

Dion Paridaens,
Hon. Secretary

Event Details

Start date: 16th September 2021
End date: 18th September 2021
City: Naples
Country: Italy

Further information

Local organizers:
Diego Strianese, Adriana Iuliano, Fausto Tranfa, Giovanni Uccello

Stazione Marittima

Sistema Congressi S.R.L.


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