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Title Clinical and patient reported outcomes of frontalis sling suspension for congenital ptosis using synthetic versus autologous materials
Submitted by Khushnuda Zukhurova
Abstract Number 350
Review Result poster presentation

Frontalis sling suspension is the treatment of choice for congenital ptosis associated with poor levator function. We performed a retrospective case series analysis of the clinical and patient reported outcomes using synthetic, autologous and cadaveric materials


We retrospectively analysed a consecutive case series of patients who underwent frontalis sling procedures for congenital ptosis between October 2010 and April 2018 at our hospital


We analysed outcomes of 27 procedures from 16 patients. Median age at first surgery was 9.2 years (range: 1.8-70.5; IQR: 14.8). Median follow-up prior to discharge was 23.5 months (range: 3.0-55.2; IQR: 30.1). Materials included Ethilon (n=20), autologous fascia lata (n=1), cadaveric fascia lata (n=2), autologous palmaris longus/flexor carpi ulnaris tendon (n=4).
Cosmetic correction and positive patient reported outcomes were achieved in all patients at 12 months after initial surgery. 5 cases of slippage occurred in Ethilon cases following trauma, each requiring redo, one of which slipped again following trauma. These occurred 14-44 months following initial surgery. Other complications were lagophthalmos (n=4) and lash ptosis (n=1). No granuloma formation or chronic inflammation were seen


Ethilon for frontalis sling suspension is a safe and effective option for the correction of ptosis, though further surgery is required when there is slippage. Similar clinical outcomes were achieved with Ethilon as those published using silicone rod, but without granuloma or chronic inflammation. No slippage was seen in autologous or cadaveric materials, which may represent an effective alternative to synthetic materials

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