Leeds 2024 Programme

Update & Recent Advances Day

Wednesday 19th June 2024
The Carriageworks and Leeds City Museum, Leeds


09.30 Session 1
Eyelid Disorders

09.30 KEYNOTE: Paediatric ptosis update
Prof Don Kikkawa

10.00 Management of eyelid retraction
Mr Bijan Beigi

10.30 Management of sebaceous gland carcinoma
Miss Claire Daniel

10.45 Management of cicatricial eye disease
Mr Saul Rajak

11.00 – 11:40
Tea and coffee

11.40 Session 2
Lacrimal Disorders

11.40 KEYNOTE: Laser assisted endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy
Prof Radoslaw Rozycki

12.10 Management of functional epiphora
Prof Geoff Rose

12.40 Management of canaliculitis
Prof Geoff Rose

12.55 Imaging in lacrimal disease
Mr Raman Malhotra

13.10 – 14.30
Lunch at the trade exhibition

14.30 Session 3
Orbit Disorders

14.30 KEYNOTE: Management of the anophthalmic socket
Mr Manoj Parulekar

15.00 Management of paediatric vascular orbital disease
Miss Sri Gore

15.30 Update on optic nerve sheath fenestration
Mr Sachin Salvi

15.45 Update on non-surgical treatment of TED
Mr Jimmy Uddin

16.00 – 16:40
Tea and Coffee

16.40 Session 4
Aesthetic Oculoplastic Surgery

16.40 KEYNOTE: Latest techniques in aesthetic oculoplastic surgery
Prof Bob Goldberg

17.10 How to set up an aesthetic practice
Mr Richard Scawn

17.25 Lasers in aesthetic oculoplastic surgery
Miss Sabrina Desai

17.40 Management of complications of fillers
Mr Saj Ataullah

17.55 Questions for all sessions

18.10 Meeting Close


18.15 Welcome reception at the Tiled Hall, Leeds Art Gallery


Scientific Programme
Day one

Thursday 20th June 2024
The Carriageworks and Leeds City Museum, Leeds


08.00 Registration

08.45 Welcome


09.00 Session 1
Free Papers & Keynote

09.00 Free papers
Mr Nabil El-Hindy & Mr Colin Vize

09.50 KEYNOTE: How technology makes us better oculofacial surgeons
Prof Don Kikkawa

10.20 – 11:00
Tea and Coffee

11.00 Session 2

11.00 Round Tables

11.00 Trainee Session – Ophthalmic Dermatology
Dr Philip Laws

12.15 – 13.30
Lunch at the trade exhibition

13.30 Session 3
Free Papers

13.30 Free papers
Mr George Kalantzis & Mr Nikos Koutroumanos


14.20 Session 4

14.20 Staged surgical rehabilitation of the patient with thyroid related orbitopathy: technical details
Prof Bob Goldberg

14.50 – 15:30

15.30 Session 5

15.30 Sclerotherapy for orbital vascular disease
Dr Alex Barnacle

16.00 Role of the Interventional Radiologist in orbital vascular disease
Prof Tufail Patankar

16.30 Questions for all sessions

16.45 Management of optic nerve glioma
Dr Sue Picton/Mr Ian Simmons

17.15 Short break for non-members to leave hall

17.20 AGM (full paid up members only please)

18.00 Close


19.00 Gala Dinner: ASPIRE


Scientific Programme
Day two

Friday 21st June 2024
The Carriageworks and Leeds City Museum, Leeds


08.30 Registration

09.15 Welcome


09.30 Session 1
Free Papers
Mr Nabil El-Hindy & Miss Egle Rostron

10.45 – 11.30

11.30 Session 2
PEEK Implants

11.30 PEEK implants: The Birmingham experience
Mr Kevin McMillan

11.55 PEEK implants: The Leeds experience
Mr Jiten Parmar

12.20 Use of orbital rare earth magnets
Mr David Verity

12.30 Questions

12.45 – 14.00
Lunch at the trade exhibition

14.00 Session 3
BOPSS Announcements and prizegiving
Mr Colin Vize, President of BOPSS

14.00 BOPSS 2025 Brighton presentation
Mr Saul Rajak

14.10 Collin Fellowship prizewinner 2023
Miss Yunzi Chen

14.15 BOPSS Photography workshop taster

14.30 Annual prizegiving
Mr Colin Vize, President of BOPSS


14.40 Session 4
The Oculoplastic vs Oculofacial Surgeon

14.40 Introduction
Mr Colin Vize, President of BOPSS

14.45 Results of the Junior Oculoplastic Surgeons survey
Mr Taras Gout & Mr Luke Sansom

14.55 The USA Journey to Oculofacial Surgery
Prof Don Kikkawa & Prof Bob Goldberg

15.30 Round up & vote: Should the UK follow the journey to Oculofacial surgery?

15.45  Closing remarks and farewell

16.00 End