Leeds 2024 Programme Friday

Scientific Programme
Day two

Friday 21st June 2024
The Carriageworks and Leeds City Museum, Leeds


08.30 Registration

09.15 Welcome


09.25 Session 1
Free Papers
Moderators – Mr Nabil El-Hindy & Miss Egle Rostron
Moderators’ introduction

09.30 Friday
Plug or Punctoplasty (POPPY) study: A randomised double-masked study investigating the perforated punctal plug as an alternative to the three snip punctoplasty for the treatment of acquired lacrimal punctum stenosis 317
John Vekinis (view abstract)
Moorfields Eye Hospital

09.35 Friday
Adnexal microcystic adnexal carcinoma – case series and review of literature 306
Mimi Chiu (view abstract)
Gartnavel General Hospital

09.40 Friday
Acute ophthalmoplegia following zygomatic hyaluronic acid filler injection 303
Peter Garside (view abstract)
Manchester Royal Eye Hospital

09.45 Friday
A unique presentation of a spindle cell sarcoma of left hand thenar eminence with metastasis to the eyelid 305
Haider Zaki (view abstract)
Royal Hallamshire Hospital

09.50 Friday
Botulinum Toxin Injection for Hemifacial Spasm and Benign Essential Blepharospasm: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis comparing Pretarsal and Preseptal Injection Techniques. 302
Muhammad Ashhad Noor (view abstract)
Manchester Royal Infirmary

09.55 Friday
Care Report on eyelid angiosracoma: A very aggressive rare eyelid tumor mimicking an eyelid abscess 314
Awais Rauf (view abstract)
University Hospital of Wales

10.00 Friday
Assessing outcome data from the newly established virtual oculoplastic photography clinic in a secondary care centre. 304
Daniel Curry (view abstract)
Maidstone Hospital

10.05 Friday
Recurrence rate in patients who had clinical tumour regression following diagnostic punch biopsy of peri-ocular basal cell carcinoma: 5 year data 309
Gibran Butt (view abstract)
University Hospital Coventry and Warwick

10.10 Friday
Artificial Intelligence in Oculoplastics: A Survey-based Study on Provider Perspective 301
Balazs Fazekas (view abstract)
QMC – Nottingham

10.15 Friday
Objective assessment of eyelid metrics for Occuloplastic surgery using an AI model 307
Mohsan Malik (view abstract)
Moorfields Eye Hospital

10.20 Friday
SUture StudY (SUSY): Randomised controlled trial to compare tissue reactions and scarring with polypropylene vs. polyglactin 910 sutures in periocular skin 308
Tessa Fayers (view abstract)
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

10.25 Friday
Secondary Intention Healing Following Mohs Micrographic Surgery: 17 years of experience 310
Felicity Allen (view abstract)
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

10.30 Friday
Image-Guided Navigation in Orbital Tumour Surgery: A Comparative Cohort Study 312
Amy O’Regan (view abstract)
Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital Dublin

10.35 Friday
Challenges and Outcomes in Paediatric Pencil-Related Orbital and adnexal Injuries: A Case Series, literature review and a safety alert. 313
Hamza Abdou (view abstract)
University Hospitals of Leicester

10.40 Friday
Warmed versus non-warmed local anaesthesia in oculoplastic surgery 315
Andrew Ross (view abstract)
Ipswich Hospital, East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust

10.45 Friday
Cemiplimab, a Programmed-cell-death-1(PD-1) protein inhibitor, for the treatment of locally advanced and metastatic cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck – real world data 311
Holly Clarke (view abstract)
Portsmouth Hospitals NHS T

Closing remarks by Moderators

10.55 – 11:25
Refreshments at the trade exhibition and posters at Leeds City Museum

11.30 Session 2
PEEK Implants

11.30 PEEK implants: The Birmingham experience
Mr Kevin McMillan

11.55 PEEK implants: The Leeds experience
Mr Jiten Parmar

12.20 Use of orbital rare earth magnets
Mr David Verity

12.30 Questions

12.45 – 14.00
Lunch at the trade exhibition

14.05 Session 3
BOPSS Announcements and prizegiving
Chaired by Mr Colin Vize, President of BOPSS

14.10 BOPSS 2025 Brighton
Mr Saul Rajak and Mr André Litvin, Brighton

14.15 BOPSS Photography workshop taster
Mr Tim Zoltie, Leeds

14.25 Collin Fellowship prize-winner 2023
Miss Laura Ah-Kye, Moorfields

14.30 Annual prizegiving
Mr Colin Vize, President of BOPSS


14.40 Session 4
The Oculoplastic vs Oculofacial Surgeon

14.40 Introduction
Mr Colin Vize, President of BOPSS

14.45 Results of the Junior Oculoplastic Surgeons survey
Mr Taras Gout & Mr Luke Sansom

14.55 The USA Journey to Oculofacial Surgery
Prof Don Kikkawa & Prof Bob Goldberg

15.30 Round up & vote: Should the UK follow the journey to Oculofacial surgery?

15.45  Closing remarks and farewell

16.00 End