Abstract submission guidelines

Abstract submission for BOPSS 2024 is now closed. Thank you for submitting your abstract. You cannot amend or alter or abstract now. It has been sent for marking. Email notifications will be sent out on or shortly after 12th April 2024 (pending notifications from BRAAC). Please note that BOPSS decision is final and we will not enter into discussions about your abstract.

The 2024 meeting will be accepting oral presentations, videos, and electronic posters (E-posters). We will make the full technical details available soon.

Oral presentations will have 4 minutes to present, followed by 1 minute for discussion.

Video presentations (MP4) will be for a maximum of 5 minutes duration (no presentation).

Electronic posters are a one slide PowerPoint file converted to a pdf format. These will be made available on the website for registered delegates and shown at the meeting on dedicated electronic poster screens.


Please take a few moments of your time to read the information below, before submitting your abstract.

Failure to adhere to the rules will result in your abstract being withdrawn without discussion.

Submitting authors must be the principal / first named author of the work. Do NOT submit an abstract on someone else’s behalf. They must create an account on the website and submit their own abstract

First named (submitting) authors are limited to two abstract submissions (so you could submit one video and one oral or e-poster presentation or two videos)

At the deadline, changes to authors are not permitted (including but not limited to: adding authors, deleting authors, changing the order of authors)

At the deadline, changes to abstract titles are not permitted (including but not limited to: adding words, deleting words, changing the title in any way)

At the deadline, changes to the content of the abstract are not permitted (including but not limited to: adding words, deleting words, changing the content in any way)

If accepted, the published (e-poster) or presented (free paper or video) work must match what was submitted on the abstract (including authors, title, and content). Modified or changed work will be removed from the programme and / or listing

It is not possible to submit abstracts by e-mail or postal mail

Submissions of novel research in the fields of orbit, lacrimal and oculoplastic surgery are invited and are more likely to be successful

Please make sure your abstract is of original contemporary work that has not already been published

Prospective trials and case series are most likely to be accepted for oral presentation.

Techniques, interesting cases, tips and tricks, and surgical simulations are welcome for the videos

Case reports of rare conditions will most likely be accepted as E-posters

Completing the submission form and required information:

Submitting an abstract is easy, as the electronic submission form indicates all fields that should be filled in:

  • Format (oral, E-poster or either or video)
  • Abstract Title
  • Purpose, Methods, Results, and Conclusion
  • Submitting Author’s First Name then Surname
  • Submitting Author’s current Grade (e.g. trainee, consultant, SAS, fellow)
  • Submitting Author’s current base Hospital / Institution
  • Provide a valid email address
  • Names of contributing authors (up to 5 following the format first name then surname)
  • Principal Unit where the research work was undertaken
  • Consent obtained from patient (be prepared to provide evidence if required)
  • I declare I am the principal (first) author of the work*
  • I declare I have permission to submit this work on behalf of the other authors
  • I understand that I must register by the deadline for my work to be included in the programme
  • I understand that I must submit my audiovisual materials by the deadline for my work to be included
  • I have read the rules and agree to them
  • I understand BOPSS decision is final

*The submitting author should be the FIRST AUTHOR

The submitting author is responsible for the abstract and must register to attend the meeting if the abstract is accepted as a free paper, an E-poster or video. Failure of the submitting author to register will mean removal of abstract from the meeting programme and e-posters from the meeting schedule. In addition, submitters may be blacklisted and prevented from submitting abstracts at future BOPSS meetings.

Please ensure you have patient consent. You will be asked to confirm this before you submit your abstract. It is your responsibility to ensure that your patients know how their data is being used. Please refer to GMC guidance on good practice in research and education:



Although the number of characters allowed in an abstract is limited (1800), you can always see how many free characters are left.

As soon as your abstract is submitted, you will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation. If you are logged in on the website, you can always edit your abstract until the deadline at the end of noon 22nd March 2024 Changes / edits after this time are not permitted.

The acceptance or rejection of your abstract will be announced by e-mail on 12th April 2024, so please ensure you have provided a valid email address.