The role of rehabilitation in facial palsy by Helen Martin, Advanced Practitioner Physiotherapist. Facial Palsy Service, Whitson Hospital Merseyside

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For those with an interest in this area, systemic literature review has now been published in Clinical Rehabilitation – link below and a full text PDF available

Queen Victoria Hospital colleauges, East Grinstead have also recently had the following paper published – link below and full text PDF avaialable

In response to the increasingly international membership base of Facial Therapy Specialists and the Covid-19 pandemic, an online course has been developed to enhance the education of professionals in the conservative management of facial palsy. There is almost 9 hours of online, on-demand video presentations and practical tasks. The course is aimed at all professionals who are involved in the care of those with facial palsy.


clinical rehabilitation – physical therapy in facial palsy. Systematic Review 2022

A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Management of Acute Facial Palsy_ Course application form

Neville et al 2022 Multimodal Therapy in facial palsy

FTSI Course Information. Management of Facial Palsy


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