BOPSS exclusive access to ‘Artificial Intelligence and the Eye’ MasterClass

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BOPSS is pleased to bring you exclusive access to the ‘Artificial Intelligence in Ophthalmology’ MasterClass.

On April 20th 2024, the collaborative group of Moorfields, University of Toronto, and St John Eye Hospital Group ran the second and largest all-day congress in ‘Artificial Intelligence and the Eye’ at the Royal Society of Medicine in London. Prof Geoffrey Hinton, the ‘Godfather’ of AI, was the guest speaker.

The event was recorded, and delegates who registered for the event will receive exclusive access to this within the next few weeks, once the recording has been prepared. The material will not be released to the general public for at least three months, although individual access to the recording can still be purchased.

BOPSS has been given access to the recordings

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We hope you find this symposium of interest.

Thank you.

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