BOPSS Annual Awards Winners

Previous BOPSS annual awards winners

The Annual Publication Award

2023 – Laura Ah-Kye, Benign Eyelid Lesion Pathway: 1 year experience of synchronous tele-oculoplastics in a tertiary hospital

2022 – Mohsan Malik, Orbital Exenteration for Advanced Periocular Adnexal Malignancies: Curative Versus Palliative Surgical Intent” published in Ophthalmic Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, 2022

2021 – Jo Jefferis, Optic nerve sheath fenestration via a supero-medial eyelid skin crease approach for the treatment of idiopathic intracranial hypertension in a UK population” published in Eye, June, 2020 (PMID: 32555545)

2020 – none awarded

2019 – Jonathan Roos, Serial TSH-receptor antibody levels to guide the management of thyroid eye disease: the impact of smoking, immunosuppression, radio-iodine, and thyroidectomy

2018 – John Bladen “Analysis of hedgehog signaling in periocular sebaceous carcinoma

2017 – Hannah Timlin, “Characterizing the Occluded Lacrimal Punctum Using  Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography”

Richard Collin Award

2023 – Laura Ah-Kye, “Orbital dystopia and glove displacement”

2022 – Yunzi Chen, Middlesbrough “One-year prospective survey into paediatric thyroid eye disease, epidemiology, presenting features and current management in the UK

2021 – none awarded

2020 – none awarded

2019 – Conor Malone, Sligo “ULYSSes: the Universal LachrYmal Surgery System”

2018 – John Bladen, London “The incidence of eyelid melanoma”

2017 – Christopher Schulz, Salisbury “A national surveillance study of locally advanced peri-ocular basal cell carcinoma in the United Kingdom”

International Visiting Fellow Award

2024 – Dr Kayoma, Consultant Ophthalmologist, University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Nigeria sponsored by Gbemi Oworu

2023 – none awarded

2022 – Dr Olubanke T. Ilo, Nigeria sponsored by Gbemi Oworu

2021 – none awarded

2020 – none awarded

2019 – Dr Saba Muhammad Mamman, Nigeria sponsored by Gbemi Oworu

2018 – Prerna Arjyal Kafle, Nepal sponsored by Austin McCormick

2017 – Dr O Taiwo

Meeting Attendance Grant

2024 – Dr Oluyemi Fasina – BOPSS sponsor: Gilbert Oworu

2024 – Dr Kehinde Fasasi Monsudi – BOPSS sponsor: Gilbert Oworu

2023 – Ms Irene Castellanos – BOPSS sponsor: Raman Malhotra

2022 – Dr Patricia Musa, Nigeria sponsored by Gbemi Owuro

2021 – none awarded

2020 – none awarded

2019 – Dr Farag – sponsored by Vickie Lee
Dr Khamees, Iraq – sponsored by Rebecca Ford